Harvard Shotokan Karate


Beginners are always welcome, anytime!

Current training Schedule:

Monday 7:00-9:00 pm QRAC
Wednesday 6:30-8:30 pm MAC Fitness Rm 2
Sunday 11:00-1:00pm MAC Mezzanine

Everyone is welcome! Whether you train regularly in Shotokan or any other style of karate or come from another martial art or have no experience at all we'd love to have you come train with us.

Congratulations to Katie on her recent tournament victory in kata and kobudo. And congratulations to all who went to the Husky Cup and competed for the first time.

Katie was recently interviewed by whistlekick Martial Arts Radio. You can find that interview here.

Harvard Shotokan Karate is an officially recognized club sport at Harvard University and is composed of undergraduates, grad students, post-doc researchers, and other Harvard affiliates.  We offer our members regular training in traditional JKA Shotokan, opportunities to compete in tournaments throughout the year, and the chance to test for promotion with JKA Boston at the end of each semester.


Osu! Welcome to karate, Fall 2016!